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Practicing Silence

We spend too much time being busy. ๐Ÿƒ

Sarah reminds us how the practice of silence and stillness can be a beautiful offering to God.

Luke 5:16

โ€œBut Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.โ€

Written by Sarah J Callen

I have a vivid imagination, which I often bring to the Bible stories I read. When I first became a Christian and read verses like Luke 5:16, I imagined Jesus passionately praying and interceding. After a few years, my mental image of this verse changed. I focused on the relationship between Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. I could imagine them chatting, talking about everything and nothing. While I think there were moments of both of those, I now wonder if some of Jesusโ€™s prayer times were spent sitting in silence.ย 

The verse before this one, Luke 5:15, says that word spread about Jesus and large crowds gathered around him. I canโ€™t even fathom the amount of noise, need, and desperation felt in those crowds. Someone always needed something from Jesus, which sounds utterly exhausting to an introvert like me. I wonder if some of these prayer times were spent by Jesus sitting quietly in the presence of the Father and the Holy Spirit.ย 

I used to think that prayer only happened when words were spoken by me. Then I began setting aside time to sit in silence, making room so I could hear God speak. While I believe both are great examples of prayer, Iโ€™ve started sitting in silence lately, not to hear something from God, but just to enjoy his presence. I now view silence as a form of worshipโ€” I can give God my silence and stillness without expecting anything in return.ย 

Why It Matters

In a world filled with noise, content, and movement, Iโ€™ve been challenged to choose silence in this season. We can lay down our right to speak, and our desire to hear, and offer silence and stillness as worship to God.ย 


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