“How to get started reading the Bible”—we’ve all googled it before. No matter how far you’ve come on your faith journey, reading the Bible can be hard! We’re right there with you. We see these Scripture meditations as a way to read Scripture in a digestible way. Let’s start together, one verse at a time!  


Why is Silence Uncomfortable?

Mark Twain would sometimes begin lectures by walking onto the stage and saying absolutely nothing. The seconds would extend into minutes while the dude just STARED down the audience 👀. People would begin to shift uncomfortably, until inevitably, the silence dissolved into laughter. Can you imagine an artist beginning a performance like that now? Probablyyy not. Maybe a comedian would be bold enough? 

Our default mode wants to fill silence. With conversation. With laughter. With music. Anything! For some reason, sitting and waiting 🤫 feels too uncomfortable.

However, the Bible OFTEN urges us to do just that– to sit and wait for God, in silence, and to trust that he will meet us there.

So, take some time to sit alone. Find a quiet (or mostly quiet) place. Let your mind come to a place of rest (easier said than done, we know.) Maybe God has a word for you in this noiseless place… or maybe, he’s happy just to sit in silence with you, while you learn to take comfort in a new practice.

Psalm 62:1-2

1 For God alone my soul waits in silence;

    from him comes my salvation.

2 He alone is my rock and my salvation,

    my fortress; I shall not be greatly shaken.

Observations from the Text

  • We don’t always need words to connect with God (v 1)
  • God is our refuge (v. 2)
  • He will uphold us through hard times (v. 2)

Prayers of Response

My Rock and Salvation, I feel shaken about _________. Bring me peace.

Thank you, Father, for being so dependable, especially when I was going through _________.

Prayer Requests

My Fortress and Strength, I bring __________ before you today.

Refuge God, help _________ feel your abiding presence with them.

Prayers of Readiness

God, who was there before sound, let me seek out a quiet moment with you today.

Jesus, who knows the desires of my heart, help me feel comfortable just sitting with you, without needing to fill the silence.


Connecting with God in the ordinary, everyday moments of life can be challenging if you aren’t sure how to start reading the Bible. But Scripture meditations are a great way to get started reading the Bible—click here to see more!


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