On our Lent journey, we’re taking a peek into the lives of everyday Christians just like you and asking, “Why is Lent important?” Dive into our curated Lent study with the super short personal testimony below!

Journey Through Lent, Day 10

Where is God when life hurts? When we are in painful seasons, it can sometimes feel like God is further away than he has ever been. Sometimes it’s easy to think, “I feel so far from God” when life just keeps rolling out the punches…

But, God is always right there with us—yep! Even when he feels so, so far away.

God never stops working in our lives. Check out this short personal testimony from Maggie Fields as she shares how God worked through others to remind her that she wasn’t alone in a season of hurt!

Testimony Q & A with Maggie Fields

Q: What was one of your greatest challenges in facing a recent reason of loss?
Maggie: In the weeks that followed my breakup, it became increasingly more difficult for me to feel God’s presence. All the things that used to fill me left me wanting, searching for more. I felt empty. Throughout that summer, God opened my eyes to all the ways he used my people to show me love and affection. He used a hand to hold and shoulder to cry on, a bouquet of roses on my porch, a girls’ weekend in Chicago, and so much more to show me that he was walking with me, going before me, and working to restore me.


“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” (Psalm 34:18).


Think back on a time when you experienced some kind of loss. What helped you feel God’s presence the most during that season?


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