Navigating a journey through Lent is not something we should do alone. So we put together some simple prayers to help us connect with God in our Lent journey. Jump into this season of Lent with this prayer below!

Journey Through Lent, Day 1

Broken. Frail. Weak.

Yup, we’re starting out this 40-day journey through Lent on a real positive note, aren’t we?

But here’s why we’re taking a dive into a not-so-pretty subject:

Sickness is a powerful reminder of how vulnerable our bodies can be. And then there are the moments when we realize our souls and emotions are broken too—when we make mistakes, lose our temper, or treat those we love terribly.

We’re right there with you. Seriously. Sometimes it feels like our days are filled more with what we get wrong than with what we get right. An ancient Christian leader named Benedict once wrote, “Keep death daily before your eyes.” As awkward as that sounds, it’s actually pretty helpful to remember where we come from and where we are going.

“…for dust you are and to dust you will return” (Genesis 3:19b).

And that’s what Ash Wednesday is all about. We were made out of dust. God shaped humans from clay, and then breathed into them the breath of life. And one day, because of the brokenness of the sin that has infiltrated our bodies, to dust we shall return.

So here’s a prayer for Ash Wednesday (that wouldn’t be bad to pray throughout the year too):

A Prayer for Ash Wednesday

Creator God of love, who formed us out of the dust, and breathed into us the breath of life, meet me in this awareness of my weakness. Remind me of my vulnerability to sickness, sin, and death. And help me trust in the good work that you have done through Christ, to rescue me from the brokenness in the world and in me. And as I keep death before my eyes today, remind me that true hope is found in you and I’m at my best when I abide in your love. Amen.


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