Looking for some simple Bible devotions? Devotions like this are by everyday Christian writers—real people just like you! They help give us reasons why the Bible is relevant for everyday life, and how we can connect with God each day. 


Humble Love

Love lived out in everyday life looks a lot less glamorous than we might hope for. 

It doesn’t always come with a big reward, but overtime, we’ll find this trustworthy, humble love is the kind of love we need most.

For some thoughts on what this everyday love looks like in practice, check out @kristleblog’s short devo below. 

Ephesians 4:2

“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”

Written by Kristle Gangadeen

This is what love is,” I mused, as the retired business executive shared that he was now his disabled wife’s primary caregiver. Married for fifty years, the couple had gone from taking turns to change their babies’ diapers in the early years of their marriage to the husband having to change his wife’s diapers in their sunset years.

I admired his expression of love for his wife. This gentleman could more than afford to pay staff to care for his wife fulltime. That would have been a loving and perfectly acceptable thing to do. But every day, he chose to humble himself and lovingly serve her in a way he probably didn’t imagine when they giddily exchanged vows five decades earlier.

While Hollywood may portray glamorized and romanticized versions of love, everyday love in real life—the kind Paul is referencing in Ephesians 4:2—looks much different. It’s the patience we exercise when others irritate us. It’s the sacrificial kindness we show to others who cannot repay us, or the humility we show when we put others needs ahead of our own. It’s the forgiveness we grant instead of holding a grudge or plotting revenge.

God himself demonstrated his own love for us through Christ’s sacrificial death for our sins. It was not glamorous. It was painful and humiliating, but he did it with love. And he calls on us to love like he loves us. 

Why It Matters

When your love is tested by the trials of real life, you get the opportunity to demonstrate Christ’s humility and sacrificial love to those around you. Who needs your unglamorous, practical love today? Pray that the Holy Spirit will help you demonstrate love to someone you encounter. 


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