A Scripture devotional can be so powerful, but where do we begin? Getting started reading the Bible is tricky… so we’ve compiled verse reflections like this one with a Bible verse for today to help us connect with God in everyday moments.

Meaningful Friendships

We all need other people to walk alongside through life. A supportive friend can help us navigate hard seasons in our lives (they can also make things a lot more fun). However, creating meaningful relationships can be a struggle.

Check out today’s verse reflection by Daniel Ryan Day, as he walks us through a verse in the Book of Proverbs and his experience with building strong friendships.


“One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother” (Proverbs 18:24).

Written By Daniel Ryan Day

I’ve had a hard time making close friends. I wish I could blame it all on other people, but I think I share some blame too (okay I know I do). Here’s where I’ve gone wrong: First, I never learned how to be a close friend. People have given me advice on how to be a good husband and a good dad, but I can’t remember anyone saying, “Hey Daniel, here’s what it means to build a strong friendship.” Secondly, I used to think that a strong friendship required agreeing about everything. We needed to be on the same page. But recently I’ve been learning that it’s in disagreement that a relationship has the chance to really grow. Why? Because a true friend can agree to disagree, and still care about you.

The book of Proverbs in the Bible is a wisdom book. It’s a collection of principles that basically say, “If you live wisely, good things will probably happen.” One of those practical principles is about friendship, and how a true friend cares about you and stands by you as if they were a blood relative—closer even, than your sister or brother.

That means that disagreement doesn’t intimidate a good friend. It means that all of your emotional baggage won’t scare them away. Even the not-so-proud stuff can be known by this friend without fear or shame.

Why It Matters

We all need people we can lean on. God made us to live in community with others, and to discover what it means to know and be known. And ultimately, even Jesus, who knows everything about you, calls you his friend. So today, what can you do to be a really good friend to others, or to invite others to know you more?


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