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Jesus Will Never Betray You

Being betrayed by someone you love is a double-edged sword. Surprise and pain join together and create a twisting, painful combination. Betrayal can leave us feeling lost and alone.

Natalie Reeder unpacks a verse from Psalm 27 in today’s verse reflection and shows us how Jesus will walk alongside us in our feeling of betrayal.


“Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD will hold me close.” (Psalm 27:10)

Written by Natalie Reeder

On a family trip to Alabama, I was intrigued by a tall cactus that had a flower ornately displayed just beyond my reach. As a kid, I was unfamiliar with the dangers of a cactus plant. I set my sights to get this flower, only to leave in tears with what felt like hundreds of tiny needles on the palms of my hands.

A loved one’s betrayal feels much like reaching for a flower only to unexpectedly get stuck by a thorn. Whether it’s our actual mother or father, or simply just a close friend—when we trust someone and they betray us, it’s unexpected, and it can leave us feeling hurt, and abandoned.

Jesus knows the anguish of betrayal. On the day Jesus would die on the cross for our sins, he saw and heard his friend, Peter, deny even knowing him (Luke 22:60-62). Jesus did life with Peter. For three and a half years, they were inseparable friends, but on the day Jesus needed his friend the most, Peter fled the scene.

Why It Matters

Even if a friend or family member deserts you, Jesus will never leave you. You can entrust the delicate, innermost parts of your heart to him. He understands you and has deep compassion toward your hurt—he pulls you close. Jesus purposes interruptions of encouragement and love throughout your day. He will use Scripture, the delightfulness of nature, a podcast, a text from a friend, or even an Instagram post to remind you that his promise stands, and he won’t abandon you. It’s incredible to be able to share our pain with the One who knows the sorrow of betrayal but isn’t bitter by the experience. He is able to bring us joy and freedom amid our grief!


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