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When Life Throws You A Curveball

Setbacks suck. 

Yes, as Christians, we believe that ultimately, God will work it out—he tends to make a way for good to come even from the most frustrating circumstances. 

But that doesn’t mean we have to pretend like we’re not mad about unexpected setbacks. Because when life throws you a curveball, sometimes it knocks you down.

In this short devotional, Jack shares about a recent setback he experienced, and what’s helping him hold on to the belief that God will work it out

James 1:2–3

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”

Written by Jack Lincoln

I was hunched down in my starting blocks in the biggest college track meet of my season, anxiously waiting for the starter’s gun. I’d had a great season up to this point, I was ranked well, and I was ready to do something great.

The resounding pop of the starter’s pistol sent me into rapid motion, my body speeding out of the blocks in fluid muscle-memory. Then, a second, unanticipated pop occurred in my right leg, and I fell onto the track, unable to stand, waiting to get helped off. 

Sometimes it feels like everything is going our way. Then life throws a crazy curveball out of nowhere, and it seems like everything is suddenly in shambles. 

In these moments, it’s easy (and okay) to question God, or even become angry at him. But, it’s important to remember that God loves us, is in control, and has a plan to bring good out of bad situations. 

For me, I can see now that my injury helped me grow in humility, and it gave me tools to better relate to those who may also be hurting around me.

Understanding this doesn’t mean all of our problems will go away, or that life will be perfectly easy from there on. But, it does provide us with peace and confidence, knowing that the Creator of the universe is on our side, carefully sifting the good out of any bad situation.

Why It Matters

In life’s most confusing and dark moments, we can remember this one simple truth: God is in control, and he certainly has a plan for good. Because of this, we can find purpose in hard times. We can recognize that God is using the hardship to grow us in our faith.


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