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There’s Always So Much Going On


We’d be willing to bet you’ve encountered a few of these things in the last 5 minutes. And, like, bet a lot of money, too. You’ve got to at least be reading this on a phone or computer right now. So, gotcha!

Our days are filled with distractions. Even with noise-canceling headphones, you’re still usually filling your mind with some other kind of sound.

Check out Hilary’s advice about what can happen when we make time for silence… and then maybe log off for the day. ✌️

Proverbs 17:28

“Even a fool is considered wise when he keeps silent— discerning when he seals his lips.

Written by Hilary Frank

As I pulled up to a red light, I hurried to check what songs were on a Spotify playlist. I wanted to be sure there were a few on the queue that’d get me hyped up for the day.

My commute routine was disrupted when I received a text to sign up for an app that would track my driving. It’d lower the cost of our car insurance but would mean distraction-free driving. Upon opening it, it said: “Swiping and typing on an unlocked phone counts as distraction.” That meant no changing my playlists, even at stoplights, while on the road. 

As my drive transitioned from singing to silence, I realized how little quiet I practiced in my days, and how busy our generation is. It’s not just our lives, it’s our minds as well. It’s as if we need to have something filling our time and ears, at every moment of the day, leaving no room for us to just be.

Why It Matters

There may be times in life when God seems silent. We may be praying, even begging God to move, but all we hear is crickets. If we don’t take time to rest, to sit at his feet, and give him space to drop what he needs to on our hearts, then we will be inclined to move in our own strength, forging our own way. Rather, when we seal our lips and come to him in the stillness, we offer our hearts a space for the Holy Spirit to help guide and give us discernment. 


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