The abundance of short, simple devotionals can be hard to sort through. Finding time each day to study the Bible can be tough, so we’ve compiled some good Bible verses to reflect on through verse reflections like this from Christian writers. Join us in learning about why the Bible matters and how God can speak to us through it.

Make the Most Out of Today

Do you ever get that feeling that there should be more to life? Like, your short, and rather small existence just really isn’t that substantial, but you long for significance?

Yep. Yep. Yep. We feel that, too.

Below, Rasool Berry shares how leaning into the present moment can help us find a renewed sense of contentment, and help us make the most out of today. If you’re wondering, “Is there more to life?”, like we do, then this devo is for you!

Philippians 4:12-13 NET

“I have experienced times of need and times of abundance. In any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of contentment, whether I go satisfied or hungry, have plenty or nothing. I am able to do all things through the one who strengthens me.”

Written by Rasool Berry

“God, there’s gotta be more than this!” At 27 years old, with three Super Bowl Championships (including one against my favorite team, unfortunately), Tom Brady had reached the pinnacle of success and found it completely unsatisfying. Have you ever thought, “If I can just (fill in the blank),” then I’ll be content—only to reach your goal and wonder, “there’s gotta be more than this?”

The Apostle Paul was also on the fast track of success and glory. He was fluent in multiple languages, studied with the best professors, and was considered one of the most committed followers of his faith. But compared with knowing Christ, he considered all those things “dung” (Philippians 3:8 NET).

While languishing in prison for preaching Christ, Paul revealed a secret to obtaining the satisfaction that eluded him prior to experiencing Christ. Christ’s presence with him meant whether he was relishing a post-worthy moment, or struggling without money or prospects, he was living his “best life.”

Contentment is not found in a moment that’s out “there,” it’s the awareness that Christ’s presence with us is enough. Sometimes we can sense it, and other times we can only pray to grab hold of that truth. But the satisfaction we seek is found in grasping the fact with all we have in us: “Christ, you are enough!” Contentment is a challenge, but also a choice to see the present as God’s gift—whether you just won the championship, or never even made it to the league.

Why It Matters

It’s hard to be content when advertisers are spending billions to foster FOMO. Being content starts with embracing your struggle with satisfaction. As an active reminder and prayer, embrace yourself with both arms and tell Jesus, who abides within those who trust in him: “You are enough.”


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