Short, simple devotionals are hard to find. Finding time each day can be tough, so we’ve compiled some good Bible verses to reflect on through verse reflections like this from everyday Christian writers. Join us in learning about why the Bible matters and how God can speak to us through it.

How to Not Seek Approval from Others

Any other Enneagram 2s out there, or people-pleasing-helpers with a drive to achieve? Well we’ve got you covered with Daniel’s verse reflection about how to not seek approval from others, but instead to focus on the approval God already has for us

Chilling with Jesus sounds pretty perfect right about now, so let’s get into it.

Scripture: John 15:9

“As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.” 

Written by Daniel Ryan Day

I’m an Enneagram 2 with a 3-wing. Translation = I’m a people-pleasing-helper with a drive to achieve. I work really hard to try and earn approval by either proving I’m “valuable” to someone or by convincing people that I get stuff done. And I’m not the only one. We are often defined by what we “achieve” and are “valuable” to our jobs or churches or even families based on performance. And it’s exhausting.  

But then we read Jesus’ words in John 15, and we discover a different—more freeing—way to be human. In many translations, you’ll find the word “abide” show up 11 times in that one chapter. The NIV translates it “remain,” but if that doesn’t help make it clear consider the words “relax”, “rest”, or “chill.” Picture a hammock, not a hammer (unless you relax by hammering). 

Now this doesn’t mean we don’t “do” anything. In verse 10 Jesus says we should follow his instruction by “resting or remaining in his love,” and then he defines that “obedience” in verse 12 as being a conduit of that love to others. “My command is this: ‘Love each other as I have loved you.’” Not exactly a big list of “to-dos”, is it? 

Why It Matters

Unfortunately, other people sometimes base their approval of us on what we “do” for them, but Jesus doesn’t. We don’t have to work hard to be accepted and worry if we’ll be rejected. We belong to God and the Father loves us just because we are his. And the only thing we are asked to “do” is to rest in God’s love and show that love to others. So for all of us people-pleasing-helpers out there with a drive to achieve, hear Jesus’ invitation to “chill” and “rest” in him.


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