The prayer life of a Christian can feel exhausting sometimes. Here is one of our simple prayers written to help you grow in your prayer life and connect with God, especially if you don’t feel like praying. Check it out!


The Memories Still Hurt

What’s the memory that came to mind when you saw this prayer? What made you start reading the caption? What’s that unresolved thing, still broken, or still hurting when it comes to mind? We all have those memories— moments in our lives when we run face-first into the brokenness of the world. And it’s not all things that have happened to us, for some of us the memories we’re thinking about are things we’ve done and can’t shake. 

And for real, for real, most of the “advice” and “encouragement” people give us for these memories—if we’ve even shared them—just aren’t that helpful. “Scars heal.” “Memories fade.” “It just takes time.” “Choose joy.” We want to yell back, “some scars never go away, these memories aren’t fading, time hasn’t made us forget, and joy seems impossible right now.” 

So when those memories flood back, here’s a Scripture to meditate on and a prayer for when it won’t stop hurting. 

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” (John 1:5).

A Prayer for the Healing of Memories

Light of the world, please shine your light into these dark memories, and heal my broken heart. Comforting Presence, meet me in this lament of the past, and help me fully grieve the brokenness of my experiences. Mend these memories of pain, struggle, and regret, and surround me with your perfect love that casts out fear. And as I come face to face with these scars again, help me follow you to freedom and new life. Amen. 


Prayers for everyday life are hard to come up with on the spot! If you’re in need of more simple prayers visit this page to help you connect with God in the ordinary, extraordinary, everyday moments of life!