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What to Do When People Let You Down

If any relationship in your past has gone south, you might find yourself wondering what to do when people let you down.

While every experience is unique and there’s rarely a simple solution, one thing that we can all do is try to not let that experience sour our relationships with other people.

When people let you down and you feel yourself wanting to close up, turn to Jesus’ example and find an alternative life-giving option.

Below, Natalie shares what she’s learning after a season of withdrawing from others.

John 15:12 NIV

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you” 

Written by Natalie Reeder

“I don’t want to be your friend anymore.”

Like a weighted blanket, those words wrapped around my heart. To avoid facing further hurt, I withdrew from others, and I became self-absorbed, self-focused, and for a time, I lost the way of love.

Community is part of God’s good design for humanity. Jesus reminds us in the book of John to love others the same way he has loved us. But the fear of heartache can drive us to isolation. If we allow our interactions with people to be shaped by hurtful words and painful memories from our past, we can’t expect to live a life of love concerned with the interest of others. Cynicism toward community, relationships, friendships, and unity makes the command to love our neighbors nearly impossible.

But Jesus made space for people. He listened to the cries of the lonely, he gave food to the hungry, encouragement to the hurting, healed the sick, and gave the most diverse group of people a sense of belonging.

One of the wisest words shared with me is to “throw love around like confetti.” Confetti falls on everything in its path. And our love should be just as generous, “falling” on our area of influence as we wisely discern how God wants us to extend his love to others.

Why It Matters

Even when people let you down, you can still learn the actionable steps of love through Jesus’ example. Because of him, you can care for the welfare of people, give generously, and make up your mind to do good. You can always (no matter your education level, occupation, or past experiences) treat people well, be kind, show love, and pray for others.


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