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I’m Disappointed In My Friends

Sometimes, the people we hold so closely in our lives disappoint us in the times when we need them the most.

Jiaming reflects on forgiveness and redemption, as well as how to find support from our truest friend during times of trial.

Job 16:20-21

“My intercessor is my friend 

as my eyes pour out tears to God;

on behalf of a man he pleads with God 

as one pleads for a friend.”

Written by Jiaming Zeng

About a year ago, I fell sick. It was more of a psychological illness that came on slowly and didn’t really display any physical symptoms. I tried to seek help from friends and mentors at church, troubled by the thoughts in my mind. But no one really helped me; a pastor almost threw me out of the church because I sounded crazy. 

I felt like Job. Satan unjustly struck him with an illness, yet all his friends could do was tell him how he may have brought it upon himself. I felt betrayed and forgotten. Yet despite his situation, Job found hope. Another translation of the above verse is, “My friends scorn me; my eyes pour out tears to God” (NKJV). Despite the scorn of his friends, Job still sought the comfort of God through prayer and tears. He trusted God as his intercessor and friend. He continued to cry out in faith to God, and believed God would deliver him from his troubles. At the end of his sufferings, he even forgave, prayed, and interceded for the friends who let him down. What amazing faith and grace. 

I did eventually recover and made peace, though I’m still working to be as forgiving as Job. His response continues to inspire and amaze me. It reminds me God will always plead for me, even when friends may disappoint. 

Why It Matters

Sometimes, our human friends and family disappoint us. They may not provide the comfort we are really seeking or even understand our situation. In those moments, we should remember that God is our intercessor, and He will plead for us as a true friend would. Jesus is always interceding and pleading our case, and He will bring healing to all things. 


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