The abundance of short, simple devotionals can be hard to sort through. Finding time each day to study the Bible can be tough, so we’ve compiled some good Bible verses to reflect on through verse reflections like this from Christian writers. Join us in learning about why the Bible matters and how God can speak to us through it.


When Will It Be My Turn?

I like to think of myself as a fairly patient person. I’m usually pretty content to wait in a long line and don’t mind being stuck in traffic if there’s a decent playlist.

But, waiting on the “bigger” moments in life? That’s more difficult. I’ve spent a lot of time exhausting myself by trying to make something happen– trying to force situations that, maybe, God hasn’t placed me in yet for a reason.

Jill reminds us of how to be present with God, even in the midst of waiting.

Romans 15:13

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Written by Jill Holewski

What are you waiting for?  For too long, I thought I was waiting for something tangible: marriage, a meaningful job, financial security. Hidden within the mix of those dreams was the thing I was actually waiting for— happiness. I’d fallen into the common trap of believing when my desires were fulfilled, my heart would be too. I was convinced joy was just on the other side of achieving my dreams. The problem with a heart waiting on achievements before finding happiness is that it’s blind to joy in the present. 

Why It Matters

Waiting on the Lord is a theme woven throughout scripture. Waiting to enter a promised land. Waiting to see a city restored. Waiting for a Messiah to be born. There are some things we need to wait on God for as His plans unfold. Yet, there are other things God does not ask us to wait for, blessings He offers to us today. 

God’s joy and peace are not waiting for us at a particular destination. They are available to us in the here and now. Romans 15:13 reveals, as we trust in Him, we can be filled to the brim with joy and peace, overflowing in hope, a hope we can hold onto in our seasons of waiting. 

You can choose what you’re waiting for today. Wait for the new job, wait for the next step, wait for your big break. But don’t wait for joy. Don’t wait for peace. Trust the Lord and receive those blessings in full. 


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