“Is the Bible relevant today?” This can sometimes be a question we ask ourselves when reading the Bible. So, we compiled Scripture meditations like this one to help see reasons why the Bible is relevant, and to help us connect with God.


All Creation Sings

There’s a change in the air. We can feel it, do you? 

Maybe it’s just a shift in the weather or really taking the time to notice the world around us  – either way, we are feeling HOPE today, and it seems like the world around us is as well. All creation sings praise, so let’s take the time to do so as well!

God is working in your life. All things will come together for his glory and for your good. Feel the weight of his love surrounding you today.

Think about the goodness that God has always shown as we meditate on this Psalm.

Psalm 66:4-6

4 “All the earth bows down to you;

    they sing praise to you,

    they sing the praises of your name.”

5 Come and see what God has done,

    his awesome deeds for mankind!

6 He turned the sea into dry land,

    they passed through the waters on foot—

    come, let us rejoice in him.”

Observations from the Text

  • Even the Earth praises its creator (v. 4)
  • God is working in the world  (v. 5)
  • He always has always been, and continues to be, our rescuer (v. 6)

Prayers of Response

God, you are good. Your creation is good! Today, I am especially grateful for _______. 

I am noticing how you are working in __________ right now. I thank you for your work in us and in the world!

Prayer Requests

Father, I am having trouble feeling your love right now. Please help me know your grace as I deal with ________.

God who moves seas and creates dry land, please move tangibly in __________ (name’s) life, and help them to feel your rescuing strength.

Prayers of Readiness

Today as I continue to meditate on your love, please help me to share your goodness with ________ (name).

Lord, when __________  gets hard this week, please help me remember this moment of your goodness and your grace.


Connect with God in the ordinary, extraordinary, everyday moments of life through other Scripture meditations like this one. Check out this page for more! 


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