Writer's Guidelines

1. Read our statement of faith

All content must align with Reclaim Today’s statement of faith.

2. Review Reclaim Today’s content agreement

All contributors must consent to our content agreement.

3. Be relatable

Personal experiences and engaging illustrations will keep your writing relatable and engaging, and will help us understand why faith matters for practical, everyday life. Use examples that’ll resonate well with our audience (20s and 30s in North America).

4. Write a story

Get creative in how you share your message. Rather than simply telling us about something, invite us to learn alongside you by telling a story with your writing.

5. Be clear and concise

Do away with Christian jargon, or “insider” language. Instead, use accessible language to help us (and you) think about the truth you’re sharing in a refreshing way.

6. Invite and encourage

Your tone determines how your message lands with our readers. Avoid sounding judgmental or demanding. Instead, be inviting and humble in your word choice and phrasing.

7. Integrate Scripture

All of our content should be anchored to biblical truths and principles. Make sure to share what Scripture God has worked through to help you understand the message you’re sharing.

Types of Writing

Personal Reflection Articles: 800-1,000 word stories of your own faith journey, of how you’ve applied lessons you gleaned from the Bible to everyday life, or learnings tied to a specific Christian theme

Buzzworthy Articles:  800-1,000 word personal reflections on how faith informs how we can process something that’s in the news, a trending movie, culture, entertainment, music, etc. 

Devotional Reflections: 250-300 word thoughtful personal reflections on a verse or passage of Scripture, and how it applies to our lives in a practical way.

Mini-Testimony: 100-word or less, first-person testimonies about meeting God in the everyday stuff of life


** All content submitted must be originally written by the contributor.

Things to Take Note Of...

  1. All content will go through an editorial process before it is posted.
  2. You may be asked to further edit your content (shorten, add illustration or clarification, change key point, etc.).
  3. Reclaim Today may make last minute changes to the title of your writing, headings, and the date of posting without telling you beforehand. All other changes in your content will be sent to you for your agreement before it is posted.
  4. Reclaim Today will only post your content if both sides reach an agreement on the revisions made (this excludes the title, header, and date of posting).

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