Do you ever read Scripture and find yourself wondering, “is the Bible relevant today?” We definitely feel that disconnect. So we’ve set out to make Scripture meditations that give us a framework for how to start reading the Bible. Join us as we let the Bible be the Bible, and learn to engage with it meaningfully.

Christmas Stress

Around Christmas time, there can be a lot of pressure to celebrate “enough,” or in the “right way.” To be fair, Christmas IS a big deal for Christians (you know, Jesus’ birth and all).

But this year, let go of that Christmas stress. As you think about the Christmas story, what feels meaningful and significant to you? Let yourself sit with that for a while, and don’t rush off.

Today, we’re sitting with the idea that God came to us. Join us in this meditation!

John 1:14

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

Observations from the Text

  • God came to live among us (v. 1)
  • God’s character shone through Jesus (v. 1)
  • Jesus exemplified the fullness of grace AND truth (v. 1)

Prayers of Response

Lord, this year, I praise you for sending Jesus to “dwell among us” because _________.

I admit that typically, I think _________ (grace or truth) is most important, and as a result, I probably neglect to be a good representative of your _________ (grace or truth).

Prayer Requests

In the midst of a Christmas season that feels _________ this year, help me to see your glory or presence in the midst of it.

Please help _________ (name) to have a tangible sense of your peace this year as they process _________.

Prayers of Readiness

God, this Christmas, I will celebrate that I’ve learned _________ about Jesus’ life and character.

Heavenly Father, show me a creative way to invite _________ (name) into Christmas celebrations that really honor you.


Reading the Bible through Scripture meditations can be an easy way of connecting with God each day. For more Scripture meditations, visit this page!

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