Short, Christian, Lent devotions are a great way to connect with God in your Lent journey! These simple devotionals show us why the Bible matters, and help us think through how to observe Lent. Get started with this one below!

Journey Through Lent, Day 27

We are called to serve others, but what does that really mean?

Serving others can look like so many different things. It can look like volunteering in a soup kitchen, a church, helping someone move, or, as we will learn in today’s short devotional—something as simple as listening to others!

Check out this reflection for some encouragement on the power of listening to others!


“…serve one another humbly in love” (Galatians 5:13b).

Written by Reclaim Today

I like serving opportunities where the need is well-defined, and how I can meet said need is clear. Like helping a church family move (they need bodies, and I can lift boxes), or serving at a local ministry that outlines projects that need to be done (checklist = DONE).

But it doesn’t feel like those neatly wrapped service opportunities come around quite often enough. Especially not when I consider that my entire life should be shaped by serving others “humbly in love.”

I think a true life of service looks a little less clean cut than, “here’s a need, and I know exactly how to meet it!” But there’s a secret to serving, and it’s simple: listening. Listening is how we can get a sense for where, how, and who to serve.

Shooting a quick text to a friend in the midst of moving and selling a house might help you hear just how stressed they are—and hey! Maybe a delivered meal could take a tiny load of stress off their back.

Or, listening to your coworker’s story about her kiddo digging into her stash of peanut butter m & ms gives you the perfect personalized pick-me-up idea for the next time she’s in need of a boost of encouragement (buy her more m&ms!).

Why It Matters

You can’t very well meet needs that you don’t know about. So if you’re looking to grow in your life of service, start with listening. Serving others isn’t some far off idea—it can be super tangible, and start right in your existing circles. Instead of waiting around for a clearly defined “need” to be delivered to your doorstep, start actively listening for them, and take a stab at serving others!


Navigating your Lent journey is not something we want you to do alone. So, we put together simple devotions like this one to help guide you in your journey through Lent. We’ve got plenty more Lent devotions—visit this page to check them out!