As we explore how to observe Lent, we’ve decided to get creative with devotional songs—because who doesn’t like to connect with God through music? Spruce up your Lent journey by tuning into the audience song recommendation below and then listen along to some good Christian music!


Journey Through Lent, Day 23


We might be used to asking forgiveness from God for specific ways we mess up—mistakes, poor choices, or losing our temper. But we need forgiveness just as much for the more subtle ways we depart from God’s best. We need forgiveness for things we may not even recognize as faults—not loving those around us, getting “too busy” to spend time with God, and all the other excuses we make that lead us away from God’s path for us. 

In his song, “Not Too Far,” GAWVI talks about this tendency we have to run what feels like a million miles from God’s path for us. We love his raw honest admission of his failure, and the corresponding picture of hope he paints for those who do run back to God.

Featured Song


“For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more” (Hebrews 8:12). 


During a time when you’ve strayed from God, what’s a way you “fell asleep” to the good news of the gospel (in other words, what good thing about the gospel did you struggle to believe for a time)? If you’re still struggling to believe it, admit it to God and ask for his help. Or, simply praise God a little extra right now for one specific way you DO believe the gospel is good news for your life!


Not sure why Lent is important, or how to observe Lent? Follow along on our journey through Lent, as we explore this important Christian season with a refreshing perspective—see curated Lent devotional songs, meditations, everyday prayers and more at this link.

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