Looking for good Bible verses to reflect on, or wondering why the Bible matters for your everyday life? Check out this verse reflection below. It’s one of our simple devotions—great for getting started reading the Bible, and hearing how Scripture is making an impact in the lives of other believers! 

Does God Have a Purpose for Me?

Hard times can have us questioning: “Does God have a purpose for me?” 

Like when we’re being pushed into something new, and we realize: “God is calling me out of my comfort zone”, but we have no idea why.

Let’s hear Kristle’s take on God’s purpose through this verse reflection

Scripture: “… In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (John 16:33b)

Written by Kristle Gangadeen

I’m not sure at exactly which point in my season of suffering the Holy Spirit convicted me of this sin. The sin? Idolatry—placing my desires ahead of my love for God. I felt convicted as I realized that my sulking was largely because I hadn’t been getting my way. I had envisioned and worked for a comfortable, easy, path-of-least resistance life. When I bumped into this season of “unnecessary” hardship, it put a spoke in my wheel and a funk in my mood.

Contrary to the popular saying, we’re not here for a long time or for a good time, we’re here for purpose. And that purpose is to honor God with our lives. The Christian life is not just about achieving our dreams and desires. It’s about living for Jesus… it’s about rejoicing in the blessings he lavishes on us and rejoicing also through the struggles that arise… those circumstances we face that may be inconvenient, disappointing or painful. 

Jesus virtually promised we’d have suffering in some form (John 16:33), but Christians are guaranteed that it won’t be without purpose—it can even be for our good. That’s why we can rejoice in suffering (Romans 5:3). 

Why It Matters

It’s important that we don’t resist when we know God is calling us out of our comfort zones for a season. While God gives us good things to enjoy, we don’t live for the pleasures of this world. Through the fires of this life, we’re developing character and ultimately, hope. Hope that God is shaping us into the image of Christ, preparing us for a joyful eternity with him. 


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