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Does God Care How Much I Give?

Does God care about money? It’s a stressor in most of our lives so of course he cares about money. As Christians, we’re told to “give to the less fortunate,” but what does that really look like everyday? 

Check out Kristle’s take on it, keeping in mind this Bible verse:

Scripture: “They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on” (Mark 12:44).

Written by Kristle Gangadeen

“They have so much money. Why don’t they give more? Why are they asking ordinary folks to donate?”

“If I was rich or if I win the lottery, I would help.”

Views like these echoed throughout the dozens of comments I skimmed on a recent social media post shared by a celebrity championing a charitable cause.

But do we have to wait until we pick the right Powerball numbers to give? Should only rich people be expected to give? 

In Mark 12, we find Jesus observing as people deposited their contributions into the offering box. The rich people gave large sums but when Jesus saw that a poor widow gave two coins worth just a few cents, he pointed it out to his disciples. 

Jesus told his disciples that the poor woman actually contributed more than everyone else that day. He explained that the rich contributors had given out of their wealth—they wouldn’t miss what they contributed. But the poor widow gave out of her poverty. Proportionally, she gave the most because she gave all she had. 

Why It Matters

The widow’s story challenges a common belief that we need to have plenty in order to give. But God is less concerned with how much you give than he is with the heart from which you give. Even if you don’t feel your small means can make a difference, the simple act of giving honors God. When you see a need, give what you can with a cheerful heart, knowing that God loves a cheerful giver. 


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