The prayer life of a Christian can feel exhausting sometimes. Here is one of our simple prayers written to help you grow in your prayer life and connect with God, especially if you don’t feel like praying. Check it out!


My Heart Feels Broken

It’s over.

You might be feeling brokenhearted, blindsided, and angry; or you might be feeling free, thankful, and at peace. Or maybe a mixture of both! Either way, there is room for your feelings, no matter how raw or messy. 

The end of a relationship can be a pretty dark place. All of a sudden, that person who was your go-to, your first priority, your ride-or-die, is out of your life (or maybe still in it, and that can be extra weird). There’s a serious hole that we feel in our heart without them.

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” (Psalm 34:18).

In scripture, we’re constantly reminded that there is a time to rejoice, and a time to weep, and that our God is the God who walks with us through all of these ups and downs. So let’s invite God to be present in our emptiness with this prayer:

A Prayer for Healing After a Breakup

Comforter of the solitary and sullen, you hear the cry of my heart, and you weep with me.  Come, Holy Spirit—Counselor and Advocate— allow me to drink deep of our friendship, and heal those parts of my heart that feel broken. Jesus, as you were whole without romantic love, show me how to be faithful and content in this world that remains in your tender care. May my tears anoint the path you are leading me on, and may my healing be a testimony that you make all things new.


Simple prayers like this are a great way to engage in your prayer life and connect with God today. For more everyday prayers, visit this page!