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Where Are You, God?

Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

Join us and justice worker, Heather, in this lament.

Psalm 10:12

“Arise, LORD! Lift up your hand, O God. Do not forget the helpless.”

Written by Heather McGannon

28 million. My mind can’t even fathom this. 28 million people, right now, in this exact moment, being trafficked. Enduring countless sufferings at the hands of people who care only about money.

Where are you, God?

I leave a concert, ushered out with a stadium of people, and see a young woman jump into the passenger seat of a car. I wonder: Is this just a friend? Is she there because she wants to be or because her trafficker set up a “date” for her?

Where are you, God?

I drive through my town, rows of berries being picked by people who are here legally, but not from this country. Have they been tricked and given a debt they’ll never be able to pay off? Are they living in humane conditions? Are they being paid, or is a trafficker behind it all, taking the profit and leaving these families to believe, if they say anything, they’ll be deported.

Where are you, God?

I walk through my neighborhood and see a construction crew laying a roof. I hear them speaking to each other in a different language, and I wonder: Are you being paid? Were you deceived into coming here with a promise of the “American Dream” only to be forced to work and threatened if you don’t?

Where are you, God?

I drive past the business with a neon sign, “MASSAGE.”  I wonder why it is open at 11pm? Are the people working there forced to do things they don’t want to do? Are they scared? Do they know they’re victims? Does shame keep them from speaking up?

Where are you, God?

This lament has echoed for thousands and thousands of years, and I’ll continue to pray and plead with Him until justice is found and freedom is given to each and every victim of human trafficking. I know He hears, but it’s hard to believe that He’ll come through. It takes every ounce of faith I have to trust that He will make it right again. But I do believe it, so in this waiting, in this time of groaning and seeing the deepest evils around me, I will lament. Will you join me? 

Lord, hear our cry.


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