Reading the Bible is an important part of how we can grow in our faith, but we know many people question why the Bible is not relevant for today. With its old language and confusing references, it can feel irrelevant or disconnected. But these Scripture meditations are meant to help us bridge that disconnect and encounter reasons why the Bible is relevant.


The Workers Are Few

Written by Thiara Herrera-Leiva from Kuyper College

It’s easy to become blind to the needs of others, after all, we’re in the struggle bus ourselves. But in a world filled with apathy, what would it look like if we were to radically show compassion to those we so often pass on the streets, on our way to work, or around campus?

Jesus had compassion for the sick, the poor, the forgotten, the many times ignored. He showed this compassion to the woman at the well, the man with leprosy, the blind man, and so many others that otherwise would’ve never been acknowledged.  What would it look like if, instead of just saying “Aww, how sad,” we, like Jesus, became the ones with compassion?

Matthew 9:35-38

“35 Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness. 36 When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. 37 Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. 38 Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

Observations from the Text

  • Jesus went to all towns, not just some, not just the “nice ones” (v. 35)
  • He saw and had compassion on the crowds (v. 36)
  • We’re now the ones charged with being his workers (v. 38)

Prayer of Response

Lord of the poor and powerless, you see us. Forgive me when I don’t see others and get caught up in my own world.

When I forget to stop and acknowledge _______, remind me to see them as you do.

Prayers of Request

God who sees, move and fill me with compassion in the very core of my being— compassion that stops me in my tracks to answer and meet needs. 

Ignite the fire of your Spirit in our city, ___________, as we feed the hungry, clothe the naked, care for the sick, visit the caged, and invite in those on the margins.

Prayer of Readiness

Jesus, Compassionate One, send us into an apathetic world that needs the remedy of your compassion.

Begin the work of my hands today as I _________. Fill me with genuine, radical compassion fueled by love to do justice, love mercy, and humble myself in the work I do. Amen.


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