Reading the Bible is an important part of how we can grow in our faith, but we know many people question why the Bible is not relevant for today. With its old language and confusing references, it can feel irrelevant or disconnected. But these Scripture meditations are meant to help us bridge that disconnect and encounter reasons why the Bible is relevant.


God Will Lead You

Find yourself wondering if you’ll ever feel like life isn’t chaotic or out of your control? It sometimes feels like you’re stuck in a rut, and your wheels are spinning mud everywhere, with no hope of gaining traction and moving on to a better place.

As we work through the habit of discernment, we find that we’re often faced with anxiety or that we become indecisive in the face of uncertainty.

But know this: God will lead you through anything—even the muddiest of ruts. 

We have a God who is strong and who leads us in that strength. 

If you need a little help believing this today, read on for this short Scripture meditation on Exodus 15:13!

Exodus 15:13

13 In your unfailing love you will lead

   the people you have redeemed.

In your strength you will guide them

    to your holy dwelling.

Observations from the Text

  • God’s love is unfailing 
  • He is faithful to his people 
  • God gives his people guidance 

Prayers of Response

Loving Father, when it comes to _________, it doesn’t feel like you have a plan for where you’re leading me.

Other people have failed me, but I know your love is unfailing because _________. 

Prayer Requests

Waymaker, please guide _________ (name) in your strength as they _________. 

Lord, help me to trust that you have a good plan for _________. 

Prayers of Readiness

Because you redeemed me, I trust that you can also redeem _________. 

Director of my steps, I believe that you are worthy of my trust because _________. 


  1. In which parts of your life do you feel like God has given you a clear direction?
  2. What are you still hoping to find direction for?
  3. What are methods that help you cope with uncertainty? 
  4. How do you make space to listen for God’s guidance?

Scripture meditations are one way to start reading the Bible more. They’re here to help us connect with God in the ordinary, extraordinary, everyday moments of life—visit this page for more!

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