Looking for good Bible verses to help guide you on your Lent journey? Check out this Scripture devotional down below! It’s written by an everyday Christian writer to help us connect with God in our journey through Lent.

Journey Through Lent, Day 32

Do you feel stuck in a season of waiting? It’s so easy to feel alone, just waiting for something to change, for God to move.

If you’re feeling stuck in a season of waiting in your Lent journey, don’t worry! You certainly are not alone.

Dive into this devotional below for some encouragement to keep pushing forward!


“For what you have done I will always praise you in the presence of your faithful people. And I will hope in your name, for your name is good” (Psalm 52:9).

Written by Reclaim Today

By the time I was 30 years old, my closest friends were all married and I was not. I had embraced my singleness with a zeal I didn’t see from many others, and I dedicated myself to my education and mentoring the high school students at my church. Still, with every passing year and every bridesmaids dress I bought, I wondered when it was going to be my turn.

When you see your friends getting married and having kids, it’s easy to feel like you’re somehow getting left behind, even when you’re so sure God’s called you to put your focus on other important work. When I would feel myself getting uneasy, or frustrated, or even cynical about waiting to meet someone, I would feel one word rise inside myself—hope.

As David lays out in Psalm 52, because of God’s goodness, we can have hope. That meant that even in the waiting for it to be “my turn,” in the very midst of the frustration, I could hold onto the hope that God was present and working. I may not have known the “when” of things, but I could rest in knowing that I wasn’t alone in the waiting.

Why It Matters

Waiting is hard, no matter what it is you’re waiting for. But, because of the very goodness of who God is, we can hold onto hope in the midst of the waiting, and we can rest in the knowledge that we are never left alone in it.


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