Simple devotions can be an easy, but great way to connect with God each day. Short simple devotions, just like this one, are written by everyday Christian writers, and help show us reasons why the Bible is relevant in day to day life.


Putting Love in Action—Even When People are Frustrating

Some days people just drive you nuts—especially when you’re low on sleep and patience. Those days, you’re pretty critical of others (we all are)—because other people are frustrating, and as much as you desire more patience for them…you just don’t have it.

When everyone around us is frustrating (maybe especially in those times?), we’ve got a chance to pause and invite God into the struggle—he’s the only chance we have of truly putting love in action!

In Natalie’s devotional below, she shares a tip she’s trying to put into practice.

1 John 3:18

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.”

Written by Natalie Reeder

Have you ever thought of something, and without meaning to, you blurted it out? And by the facial expressions on the people before you, you realized you didn’t only think it, but spoke it? Yeah, I’ve been there.

I’ve chosen to be critical in the privacy of my heart, and it showed up in my actions. I am impatient with those I judge negatively. I dismiss what they say, avoid them when I see them in public, and find myself easily annoyed.

Worse yet, I go to my trusted circle and judge, criticize, make assumptions, and share negative opinions about others. I justify it because it’s my “close circle,” and we all need to vent, right?

But as I’ve grown in my relationship with Jesus, I realize his command in 1 John 3:18—to show love through action—is more than a mere suggestion.

I am learning that I cannot solely focus on criticizing others and simultaneously cultivate a heart of love toward them. Jesus, who had the right to judge in every way and could judge correctly, did not come to judge (or condemn) the world, but instead, he saved it (John 3:17)—showing us the greatest example of loving through action.

When we’re critical or frustrated with others, there is space to talk things through with a wise and trusted person or few. But there is also a way to speak that isn’t slander.

Why It Matters

It’s hard to love others when you choose to think about what you don’t like about that person. As you seek to show love through action, try intentionally thinking about others in a lovely, excellent, pure, and wholesome way. Then, your actions can flow out of the good stored up in your heart, instead of only criticism!


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