A Scripture devotional can be so powerful, but where do we begin? Getting started reading the Bible is tricky… so we’ve compiled verse reflections like this one with a Bible verse for today to help us connect with God in everyday moments. 


With Christ, You Are Enough

What makes you worthy? Valuable?

We get a lotta false narratives about this each day– your importance is based on how much you work, what kind of job you have, how much money it makes, how ‘talented’ or ‘attractive’ you are.

The pressure for perfection, in EVERY (seriously, every) aspect of life gets to be too much.

Read Jack’s devo to help take the pressure off 👇.

Colossians 2:10

“…in Christ you have been brought to fullness. He is the head over every power and authority.”

Written by Jack Lincoln

When I was growing up, I developed a strong habit of striving to be either the best, or one of the best at anything I did. And I mean anything. In third grade, I even won a handwriting competition. I think I put more effort into that competition than any regular schoolwork throughout my remaining thirteen years of school. It was the same way with sports, work, hobbies… even my friendships. If there was something I could be better at, you better believe I was striving. I took a great amount of—fine, I’ll say it—pride in being good or successful at things. It didn’t really pose an issue for me until God decided to humble me after I graduated college. 

I was done with school. Done with school sports. Done with many friendships I’d made along the way. What was next? I struggled to find a job and sat and watched while my wife, and friend after friend after friend, found jobs in their fields. Found success following graduation, while I stayed stagnant. I no longer had anything to show or lean on. I felt like the walls I’d built out of my ability and accomplishments crumbled beside me and left me standing vulnerable, alone, and a failure… until this verse in Colossians helped to remind me, the things I’ve always strived toward don’t complete me.

Why It Matters

We’re buried in a cacophony of distractions daily that take our attention from this truth and leave us feeling like we are not enough.

Yet, our completeness, our “fullness” is found in our adoption into Christ’s family; not our accomplishments, and through him, we have purpose, value, and a firm identity.

Through Christ, you are enough.


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