If you don’t know how to pray, getting started can feel strange. So, check out this simple prayer to help you grow in your prayer life, and connect with God today! 


I Need Direction

Written by Elijah O’Dell, Central Christian College of the Bible

There may be moments in your life where you feel like a little boat out in stormy seas, tossed and tumbled by the wind and waves. The water is rising, the air is thinning, and decisions can be difficult. Next steps, big commitments, drama between friends, or an overflowing schedule can make it feel like you’re drowning. 

But you aren’t a dinghy stranded in unknown waters. You have a captain who has plotted the perfect course for you!

Here’s a verse and a prayer for you as you enter into, exit out of, or sail through times of rougher waters. Don’t lose sight of the fact that you have a heavenly captain guiding you, wave after wave.

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you” (Psalm 32:8).

A Prayer for God’s Guidance/ A Ship’s Plea

Jesus, my shepherd, my guide, and my captain, thank you for your Holy Spirit. Thank you for steering me in the right direction and being my life raft when I go through rough waters.

“Guide me Lord as a ship on the sea

Make my course arrive to You safely

For how am I to know better than thee?

You spoke this world to life, it was not me”

Encourage me to lean on you when I need it, and when I think I don’t. Remind me daily that your eyes are always on my horizon. I have no reason to worry about my future. Amen.


The role of prayer in Christian life is powerful and helps us in our mission to creatively explore how we connect with God in the ordinary, extraordinary, everyday moments of life. For more everyday prayers, visit this page!