A Scripture devotional can be so powerful, but where do we begin? Getting started reading the Bible is tricky… so we’ve compiled verse reflections like this one with a Bible verse for today to help us connect with God in everyday moments. 

God Changes Your Perspective

Why does God allow painful circumstances? That’s a tough question, but let’s keep in mind that finding strength to move through painful circumstances doesn’t require forcing a silver lining. We don’t have to find the “silver-lining” answer that explains all of the pain we experience.

We can let pain be pain, while still letting God be God, too.

Check out today’s verse reflection by Maggie Fields, as she dives into the Book of Job, and shares what happens when God changes your perspective

Scripture: “Then Job replied to the Lord: ‘I know that you can do all things; no purpose of yours can be thwarted’” (Job 42:1-2).

Written by Maggie Fields

“God, I just don’t know.” I took a big, shaky breath and dried the last of my tears. I had run out of questions, and I had come to the end of myself. During an incredibly difficult and hurtful season in my relationship with my boyfriend, I couldn’t see God or understand why he would allow us to go through this.

The book of Job tells the story of a man who had also come to the end of himself. After suffering intense pain and loss, Job questioned God. He questioned God’s goodness, his justice, his presence, and his plan.

When Job’s tears had dried and his questions ran out, God began to speak. But he didn’t give Job the answers he wanted. Instead, God reminded Job of who he is and what he can do. He reminded Job of his power, his dominion, his provision, and his unstoppable will (Job 40-41).

God changed Job’s perspective. Instead of looking at his circumstances, Job’s eyes were lifted to God’s infinite care and glory. Job was humbled and was satisfied by God’s majesty.

In times of confusion and questioning, we can stand awestruck before God and be satisfied, even if he doesn’t give us the answers we want. He is always in control and always has a plan, even if we don’t get to know what the plan is. And his plan is always good, even when it doesn’t feel good to us.

Why It Matters

It’s hard to give up control. But it’s easier to let go when you remember that you were never really in control to begin with. Practice opening your hands and releasing your plans and desires to God. And then ask him to be enough, and let him be enough for you, even in the unknown.


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