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How Can They Think That?

Raise your hand if haaate conflict. ✋✋

Well, you’re not alone. Conflict can be scary. And, other times, we know our own propensity to get a *little* too intense. James helps us understand how to go about it. He charges us to “be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.” We might rephrase this to say “seek to understand, take care with your response, and do not let your pride get in the way of reconciliation.”

Imagine how quickly difficult conversations could be diffused and resolved if we took these simple steps to approach our friends, spouse, parents, and siblings. With love, we seek first to understand their perspective and work to move through conflict together!

James 1:19

“19 My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.”

Observations from the Text

  • This is an important teaching that applies to everyone
  • Our first response should always be to listen and to seek understanding
  • It isn’t always best to share our thoughts when someone else is speaking

Prayers of Response

God of Reconciliation, I confess I’ve been too quick to defend myself without fully hearing the other side of a discussion. I’m especially thinking about ______.

Understanding Father, I’ve often felt misunderstood because people have jumped to conclusions about me during difficult conversations.

Prayer Requests

Merciful Savior, just as you came to earth to show me you understand what I’m going through, help me to consider others, and seek to understand what they’re going through before I react to them.

Humble God, forgive me for leaning into anger when I _________, rather than thinking through my response and working to bring understanding to both parties.

Prayers of Readiness

Redeemer, my desire is to follow your example of understanding broken things and redeeming them, by your power.

Holy Spirit, give me opportunities to recognize when someone just needs me to listen and understand without reacting.


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