Looking into the experiences of other, everyday Christians can help answer the question: “How to observe Lent?” or “Why is Lent important?” Check out this short personal testimony and dive into today’s step on our Lent journey!

Journey Through Lent, Day 25

Do you ever beat yourself up because you think you “deserve” it? You internalize the guilt and ask yourself, “Do I deserve forgiveness?”

What’s crazy about God’s forgiveness is none of us deserve it, but God delights in graciously giving it!

Today, Natalie shares a few words about how she’s learning to not get down on herself, and embrace the forgiveness God wants to give!

Testimony Q & A with Natalie Reeder

Q: Share a little about learning to forgive yourself!
Natalie: I used to think if I emotionally beat myself up, perhaps it would make up for the shameful things I did. But Jesus doesn’t ask me to tear at my identity when I sin. He tells me to turn from my sin. Calling myself stupid and hating myself is ripping at the fabric of God’s handiwork and prized possession—me. I cannot earn God’s mercy, yet he has shown me how abundant it is. Because of Jesus, I am now free to stop playing the role of the punisher, and I can be the receiver of his unending mercy.

Scripture: Psalm 86:5

“You, Lord, are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to you.”


Think about a mistake from your past that you haven’t quite forgiven yourself for. Why are you struggling to let it go? Bring it to God and ask him to help you believe his mercy for you.


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