Some ideas to get you started

Level 1: Novice

  1. 📺 Commit to not binge-watching! Enjoy just one episode of your favorite show at a time
  2. 🧶 Take up a slow, time-consuming hobby. Think: knitting, puzzles, writing, etc.!
  3. 🚦 Stop taking shortcuts! Don’t try to find the shortest line at a red light or check-out lane
  4. 🍳 Ditch fast food, and commit to making your own, slow, meals

Level 2: Apprentice

  1. 🍽 Practice delayed gratification by fasting one day a week or one meal a day
  2. 📖 Make a habit of reading the Nativity stories in scripture (Matthew 1-2 & Luke 1-2)
  3. 🙏 Try praying some traditional Advent prayers
  4. 📱 Schedule time in your day to check social media, and wait until then to open the apps

Level 3: Master

  1. 🕯 Host friends or family for dinner on the 4 Sundays of Advent, asking the question, “How is Jesus drawing near to you?”
  2. ✍️ Identify something you’re waiting on God for. Make a habit of journaling about this, asking God to show you why it matters to you
  3. 🤲 Simplify your morning prayer time. Instead of adding more scripture reading or journaling, rest in some breath prayer, or wait on God in silence
  4. 🤫 Enjoy four hours of silence and solitude with your phone off and no distractions

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