Some ideas to get you started

Level 1: Novice

  1. 🤔 Consider when you most often stretch the truth, and commit to only telling the truth in those situations.
  2. 🔍 Ask God for guidance to find a friend you can be 100% honest with. 
  3. 📖 Read some stories of confession and forgiveness in scripture, like Luke 18:9-14 and John 8:2-11.
  4. 📝 Begin a prayer journal to house your raw, unedited conversations with God. 

Level 2: Apprentice

  1. 🙏 Incorporate this traditional prayer of confession into your devotional time.
  2. 📖 Slowly pray through Psalm 51.
  3. ✍️ Identify any guilt or shame you carry. Take time to journal about these things, asking God to heal these wounds.
  4. ☕️ Meet with your trusted friend to talk about the things you identified.

Level 3: Master

  1. 💭 Learn Psalm 103:8-12 by heart, and recite it daily.  
  2.  🧘‍♀️ Abide in the parables of Luke 15, asking God to help you internalize his merciful character.
  3. ✝️ Meet a pastor, priest, or spiritual director to ask for advice on overcoming any obstacles in your life with God.
  4. ❓ Practice spiritual friendship with your trusted friend, asking each other, “What in you needs to be celebrated, forgiven, and healed?”

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