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We All Have Gifts

We live in a culture of comparison. So much so, that many of us have been conditioned to see the strengths of others as a burn against ourselves. 

Bella reminds us of the enemy’s desire to create disunity through jealousy. Instead, we’re called to celebrate the unique characteristics God gives to each of us… gifts that are all gonna be different!

Romans 12:15

“Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.”

Written by Bella Huang

Only married a few months, I’ve seen the consequences of comparison and competition, as well as the beauty in celebrating the strengths and victories of my husband. Before we married, friends gave this advice: we shouldn’t see each other as competition, but see one another’s strengths as our own, as the two become one. 

Yet, how many of us see the strengths of another and immediately compare? We size ourselves up to them, either puffing up our pride or sliding into a pit of self-despair. I’ve been there in my marriage and even in church. She’s such a great worship leader; why can’t I sing? He’s so joyful; why can’t I get it together and be happy? Questions like this can plague our minds and stop us from truly enjoying who we, and others, were created to be. 

On birthdays, we go out of our way to bless others, make them feel loved, and celebrate them as a person. Why can’t we live that way every day? Well… we can! 

According to Romans 12:1, we’re called to be living sacrifices. So much of being a living sacrifice has to do with our relationship to others. We’re told to live in harmony with one another, bless others, and let our love truly be genuine for those around us (Romans 12:9-21). These practices are moments of celebration that help us practice love. 

As our love becomes genuine, we truly celebrate who others are rather than focusing on comparison. Our security in who Christ is allows us to become secure in fully being ourselves. We can trust and embrace who God has created us to be. 

Why It Matters

It can be hard to celebrate others, but as one body, we’re called to encourage and strengthen one another. Before comparing yourself to someone in the body of Christ, remember that they are one with you. Just as your talents add to the church, theirs strengthen its health and mission as well—and that’s worth celebrating. 


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