This month, we’re thinking about how we can be better stewards of the world God has placed in our care. While it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by how to best nurture the environment, there are small steps we can incorporate into our everyday routines that help us live more sustainably and keep the Earth in better shape.

Buy Secondhand 🎸

While it’s tempting to hop online and add something to our carts 2 minutes after deciding we want it, the clothes, electronics, and furniture we’re interested in can often be found secondhand if we’re willing to exercise a bit of patience and creativity. Try visiting local thrift stores or hitting up an online marketplace for a few weeks before pulling out the card for that brand-new purchase.

Visit the Farmer’s Market 👩‍🌾

Often, produce from local markets is made and packaged with less waste than what you might find at a traditional grocery store. Not only is this a great opportunity to support local farmers and reduce your environmental footprint, but it also encourages you to eat seasonally.

Start a Compost Bin 🪱

We mindlessly toss a lot of items into the trash that could easily be returned to the soil in our yards or flower pots. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, but an old trashcan and a bit of care can turn your apple peels and coffee grounds into liquid gold. See if you can reduce your waste by examining which day-to-day items could be composted instead.

Ditch the Car 🛴

Consider locations in your normal commute where it might be practical to take an alternative form of transportation. Have the time to explore your city’s public transit routes? Maybe it’s close enough to walk or bike. You might not be able to do this every day, but especially in nicer weather, get creative with opportunities to leave the car behind.