Connect with God in the everyday.

Connect with God in the everyday.

Yep, you found it. Cornerstone University and Reclaim Today have partnered together to help you connect with God in the ordinary, extraordinary, everyday moments of life. 

Every month we’re exploring a new spiritual habit—things like prayer, silence, discernment, truth-telling, stuff like that—and we invite you to join us. This is a chance for the whole campus to engage in Christian practices together. 

Here’s how to get started:

Monthly: Find this month’s practice below, and check back every month for new practices

Weekly: Dive into each week’s content: it could be a prayer, scripture meditation, article, or group practice!

Daily: Follow us at to keep up with the content we post every day.

September: Prayer

Live a prayerful life

October: Silence

Live a quiet life

November: Gratitude

Live a thankful life

December: Waiting

Live a patient life

January: Friendship

Live a friend-filled life

February: Truth-telling

Live an honest life

April: Discernment

Live a God-directed life