Reclaim Today Authors

Abby Ciona

Abby is a writer who loves encouraging young people and helping them... Read More

Allan Castro

Allan is a Houston native and proud Texan. He serves as a... Read More

Anastasis Faith

Anastasis Faith shares on her blog and Instagram (@AnastasisFaith) about her walk... Read More

Annabelle Ovaitt

Annabelle is a hairstylist and worship leader. She is studying at Highlands... Read More

Annie Caldwell

Annie likes to try to use words as a way of verbal... Read More

Anxious Faith

Anxious Faith is a podcast, blog, and community of people opening up... Read More

Ashley Ashcraft

Ashley loves living life with her husband and two kids, and enjoys... Read More

Baylie McClafferty

Baylie is a Florida girl who desperately misses the beach while she... Read More

Bella Newberry

Bella currently lives in Taiwan serving with a missions training organization. In... Read More

Carina Bruno

Carina has been writing creative pieces since her earliest memories, all the... Read More

Carlita Southworth

Carlita Southworth is a stay-at-home mom who can’t stop writing no matter... Read More

Chesed Chipman

Chesed lives in Kansas City where she studies communications and Christian education... Read More

Christine E

Christine E has bounced back and forth between the continents a bit,... Read More

Daniel Hamlin

Daniel Hamlin is the author of When Oceans Rise: Scriptural Truths To... Read More

Eleanor Lee

Eleanor is a senior at Calvin University, where she's studying Writing and... Read More

Elijah O'Dell

Elijah is an undergraduate ministry student and works as an associate preacher... Read More

Elly Mattar

Elly is an artist, musician, coffee-lover, and songwriter from South Texas. She... Read More

Hannah Holden

Hannah is a California native with a passion for writing and opening... Read More

Hannah Marie

Hannah is a writer, creator, and lover of thunderstorms. She believes that... Read More

Hannah Shoue

Hannah Shoue resides in northeast Indiana with her husband and their two... Read More

Heather McGannon

Heather is an advocate who is passionate about the issue of human... Read More

Hilary Frank

Hilary is a sun-rise chaser, coffee shop explorer, and adventure seeker in... Read More

Izzy Rupp

Izzy Rupp is a student at Grace Christian University and Cornerstone University... Read More

J.R. Hudberg

J.R. Hudberg is a writer and editor who lives in Grand Rapids,... Read More

Jack Lincoln

Jack is a professional writing major from Podunk, MI. He is married... Read More

Janel Breitenstein

Janel is an author, freelance writer, and speaker. After five years in... Read More

Jiaming Zeng

Jiaming is a researcher in computational health. In her free time, she... Read More

Jill Holewski

Jill lives in New Jersey where she enjoys getting to work as... Read More

Josh Fowler

Josh is an Ohio-born storyteller, currently pursuing degrees in Counseling and Bible.... Read More

Joshua Skaggs

Joshua works as a freelance writer and publishes a regular Substack newsletter,... Read More

Julia Bitler

Julia Bitler lives with her family in Pennsylvania, and is a senior... Read More

Kara J Lovett

KARA J LOVETT is a business consultant in corporate America by day,... Read More

Karen Pimpo

Karen Pimpo lives in Michigan, USA, where everybody complains about the weather... Read More

Kattie Carpenter

Kattie is a Jesus-follower and self-proclaimed athletic hippy. From running a wooded... Read More

Kaylie Johnston

Kaylie is a coffee-fueled, slightly nomadic, God-loving Montanan who loves adventuring outside... Read More

Kristle Gangadeen

Kris calls herself an “adventure-loving scaredy-cat” who’s willing to try (almost) anything... Read More

Lenita Reeves

Lenita is a lead pastor and former campus ministry leader. She is... Read More

Lila Janet Letica

Lila lives in Michigan and studies English, French, and Women's Studies at... Read More

Liliana Arratia Zamora

Lili loves writing poems and reflections about Jesus, her faith, letting go... Read More

Lydia Peters

Lydia Peters was born and raised in the beautiful farm country of... Read More

Madi Franks

Madi is a Canadian writer from Manitoba who is happiest when sitting... Read More

Maggie Fields

Maggie is an employee at Our Daily Bread Ministries, and is currently... Read More

Margaret Groll

Margaret lives in Grand Rapids Michigan with her newly married husband. She... Read More

McKenzie Mitchell

McKenzie is a graduate student in her mid-20s, pursuing a degree in... Read More

McKenzie Sasser

McKenzie was born and raised in Knoxville, TN. She has degrees in... Read More

Michael Giammarino

Michael D. Giammarino has studied religion and philosophy at Oral Roberts University... Read More

Mikaila Bisson

Mikaila Bisson has been writing ever since she can remember. From the... Read More

Natalie Reeder

Natalie is an English and Creative Writing major and former Student Pastor.... Read More

Orsika Fejer-Baas

Orsika is a speaker and author who secretly enjoys snow storms in... Read More

Phillip Palacios

Phillip is a creative director and cinematographer based in Grand Rapids, MI.... Read More

Q. Jackson

Q’s favorite hobby is making a place home—as long as she gets... Read More

Rachel Moreland

Rachel Moreland is a writer, PhD student and expat living in Edinburgh,... Read More

Rasool Berry

Rasool serves as teaching pastor at The Bridge Church in Brooklyn, New... Read More

Rob Chagdes

Rob is a writer, coach and ministry leader. Rob works to raise... Read More

Robyn Scott

Robyn lives in North Carolina with her son and husband. She loves... Read More

Sarah J Callen

Sarah J Callen is a published author currently living in Dallas, Texas.... Read More

Steven Wierenga

At any given moment, Steven is on top of a mountain, swimming... Read More

Thiara Herrera-Leiva

Thiara was born and raised in Chile, and speaks Spanish, German, and... Read More

Trevor Tarantowski

Trevor is a videographer, coffee-enjoyer, and egg-toss champion. In his free time,... Read More


VOICES amplifies the strengths, struggles, and courageous faith of Black image bearers... Read More

Walt Reynolds

Walt is a Bible geek and movie buff based in Nashville, TN.... Read More