If you feel like you’re in a season of “weeping,” hold out for the hope and joy of harvesting time. Because even when progress is slow, hard, or discouraging, we have hope for a rewarding future.

We hope you’re as encouraged as we were by this testimony from Aubrey Tasma. Check it out!

Testimony Q & A with Aubrey Tasma

Q: What’s your current favorite verse and why is it meaningful to you?

Aubrey: Psalm 126:5-6 NLT has been a deeply impactful verse for me over the last year as I’ve prepared for a second child while still recovering from the first.

“Those who plant in tears

    will harvest with shouts of joy.

They weep as they go to plant their seed,

    but they sing as they return with the harvest.”

I have been on an extremely difficult journey walking (sometimes crawling) out of a postpartum darkness in which I didn’t even know I was trapped for the longest time. Grace is the gift I have received in the form of my second son and with him the darkness has lifted. While the work, the sowing, is not done, the harvest is able to be met and collected in joy.


As reminders of the “joyful harvest” to come, we experience tastes of God’s provision even in the midst of difficult seasons. What can you do today to celebrate or mark his provision?